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Horizon Arabians Services:


Every horse and client are treated as individual teammates to achieve the goals the client wants to accomplish with their horse. Staci also focuses on teaching horse and client valuable tools for a balances and satisfied future at home, on the trail, and or the show pen.

Programs offered 


  • Full Time Training - offered  to young, high energy     horses or horse that need saddle breaking 

  • Part Time Training - horse that need finishing,   conditioning,  maintenance or rehabilitation 

  • Lesson Program - regular light exercise between owner   visits/lessons  

  • Showing/Coaching - help for clients in contract to achieve their goals   

  • Sales Marketing - help find a perfect match 

 Property Offers 


  • 12x12 stall with 12x16 run 

  • 12x12 stall

  • Turn-out space  

  • Hotwalker

  • Sand Arena 96x192

  • 50 ft Round Pen 

  • Gated Property 

  • Trails & Trail Course

   Horse Care perks

  • 3 Feeding of Hay a day 

  • a balanced blend of Pellets as needed 

  • Purina Outlast w/ Finishline U-7

  • 24 hour care


I have had my horse in training with Staci for a year now and I've taken lessons for about 8 months on him. We are learning together and I am so glad I found Staci! She is patience personified. She explains why you do what she asks and what results you can expect from your actions. No one has done that before. 


My confidence has returned and with her calm guidance, my riding skills have improved tremendously. If you are a beginner or wanting to polish up on your riding skills, you couldn't ask for a better instructor. 
-Vicki V.


After sustaining a terrible injury I was not able to ride my horse for over a year. Placing her in Staci's hands at Horizon Arabians was the best thing that ever happened to my horse Liberty and to myself. I was able to put my full trust in Staci to take the very best care of my horse when I was not able to. Liberty received excellent care and four days a week Staci rode her. This was a great time to take advantage of reinforcing what her training had been in the past and for Staci to add her special touches to that training. Liberty is in a new home now and the family that has her, loves her and all that she is able to do because of the wonderful training  Staci did with her! I recommend Horizon Arabians to all my friends who need an excellent trainer and someone that takes wonderful care of their beloved horse when they are not able to. We love you Staci!"


Barbara L., Woodland Ca.

I am extremely please with your work with Wyatt. You can take that as a quote from me.


- Cynthia k. Osborn, Licensed Educational Psychologist, and Owner of Deer Creek Arabians


I've had my quarter horses in training with Staci at Horizon Arabians for a few months now. (Yes, she trains more than just Arabians). I am so thankful I found her. I was planning on getting rid of two of my horses because they weren't trained. Now anyone can ride them. They are calm and we'll behaved.

-Kathleen B.



Staci is a wonderful professional horsewoman with nice horses. She has excellent communication skills and is a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend her sevices for lessons or if you are surching for a new horse.

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